Gap Education has been training schools and supporting ‘hard to reach’ families since Autumn 2013, and measuring impact is a core part of the work we do and service we offer schools, using both internally developed and externally established monitoring tools. Our case studies and testimonials give a flavour of the impact that schools across the UK have seen through their partnership with Gap Education.

For families participating in our A+ Family Advocacy Programme, we measure impact in terms of ‘distance travelled’, recognising that each family has a different starting point, and positive outcomes will look different for each child. The A+ programme works with families to highlight areas for development and to self-identify how confi-dent they feel in each area covered in the programme. This enables families to see their journey over the 12 weeks, celebrating success and acknowledging areas for continued work. In addition, our Online Portal allows schools to monitor the distance travelled by pupils over the course of the A+ programme in areas such as attainment, attendance, behaviour and well-being.

A+ programme in areas such as attendance, behavior and well-being.
Our most recent impact report revealed that to date:

Families Supported

99 Families supported through the A+ Family Advocacy Programme so far.

Staff Trained

76% of staff trained by Gap Education say that they have significantly developed their skills.

Schools Supported

28 Schools supported to deliver the A+ Family Advocacy School Toolkit.

Changes Observerd

89% of children saw positive change after 12 weeks in key areas of attendance, behavior, well-being and attainment.

% of pupils that have been 'great' or 'good' improvements in (by outcome area) the first term: