Research tells us that the majority of the causes of the attainment gap lie outside of the school gates, around 80%. Typically schools spend less than 5% of their pupil premium budget addressing these causes.

Our theory of change is based upon our four core values:

  1. Worth and potential in every person
  2. The power of families and community to bring transformation
  3. The importance of an individuals’ well-being, resilience and aspiration to determine outcomes in every area of life (including education)
  4. Parents as the key stakeholders and primary educators in a child’s life, and therefore a key part of the solution

We believe that:

  • Schools are the common touch point for all families
  • By focussing on outcomes for children, we provide a common ground for parents and school staff to partner together
  • Typical parenting courses are often not taken up by parents that would most benefit from them, due to stigma or judgement
  • Intervening as early as possible in a child’s life will give them the best chance of reaching their potential and can prevent a lifetime of challenge and failure

Ultimately the benefits to society are enormous; not just for the moral and social good, but economically, we believe that our theory of change can save taxpayers millions of pounds each year. If we were to monetise the value of our impact to date, we estimate that we have created £5.6m of long-term savings to society since we began in 2014. Further details of the Social Value of our A+ Family Advocacy Programme are available upon request by emailing