Gap Education has developed a unique toolkit for schools, A+ Family Advocacy, which uses positive partnerships and effective parental engagement to close the achievement gap and unlock the potential of children and young people.

We are currently offering schools a six month trial of the A+ Toolkit for just £200, click to find out more!

Through the training, resources and ongoing support we offer, Family Advocates come alongside families from challenging circumstances, delivering a programme that meets the following aims:

  • Identify the social, emotional and practical needs of individual families; 
  • Support families in addressing specific areas for development, helping to modify and challenge behaviour, build self-esteem and empower both parents and children to make good choices; 
  • Facilitate connection with appropriate specialists, agencies and wider networks that the family may choose, to support on-going positive change in their lives.

Each school identifies key staff (these can be teaching or non-teaching) who will receive the half-day training session from Gap Education and become ‘Family Advocates.’  Once a student and family have been identified and approached to participate, their ‘Family Advocate’ will meet with them for 12 one-hour sessions to support and work with the parent(s)/carer(s), as well as some work with the children.  The A+ programme covers a number of key areas such as communication, routine and habits, setting boundaries, play and learning, health and nutrition, managing money, as well as tailored sessions that tackle particular needs within that family – identified in the early stages through some simple diagnostics.

The school are kept involved by the Family Advocates through regular updates and a mid-point review.  At the end of the programme the family, advocates and school colleagues review the progress and measure the distance traveled.  The school are then able to evidence this to show impact of their pupil premium spending.