Gap Education’s Parental Engagement Audit helps schools to move along the parental engagement continuum towards effective parental engagement.We have found that where schools have effectively engaged parents (where the engagement of parents and carers has a clear and positive impact upon the outcomes for learners) this in turn leads to greater engagement, resilience and aspiration for learners in the classroom.


Engaged Parents and Carers are more able to…
a)    Provide support for learning outside of school
b)    Provide consistent boundaries that support positive behaviours, values and attitudes
c)     Support and encourage their children to aspire and achieve their potential
d)    Enable school leaders to address the concerns and needs of the parent community
e)    Play an active role in the development of the school and improve communication with the community


Schools that have strong Parent/ Carer engagement usually…
a)    Are closing the gap
b)    Get better results
c)    Have higher rates of attendance
d)    Enjoy more positive relationships with parents
e)    Gain more support from the parent community when changes or challenges need to be addressed
f)    Receive more support from parents wanting to volunteer or serve the school in some way
g)    Have more support for interventions to improve or manage behaviour


Nature and purpose of Parent Engagement Audit
Gap Education’s Parental Engagement Audit will provide a comprehensive 12 page report outlining areas of particular strength from the perspective of all stakeholders, areas for future action and ‘traffic light’ colour-coded analysis of 6 key parent engagement themes: Ethos & Mission, Strategy & Planning, Resources & Structures, Delivery & Practice and Continuous Improvement. As part of the audit, you will have a bespoke parent/carer survey designed and implemented, with analysis.

Our School Parental Engagement Audit’s purpose is to:
1)    Help the school focus on Parental Engagement not just Parental involvement
2)    Identify school systems, procedures and practices that enable Parental Engagement
3)    Identify school systems, procedures and practices that hinder Parental Engagement
4)    Identify how the school can move towards greater Parental Engagement

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